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When it comes to choosing a manufacturer for your private label nutraceuticals, look no further than Matsun Nutrition.  We have been manufacturing private label nutraceuticals and private label supplements in liquid form for over 20 years with the experience and reliability you can count on.  We use the finest quality raw ingredients for all of our liquid nutraceuticals, supplements and liquid vitamin formulas.  Of course, our wholesale prices are some of the most competitive in the nation as well. We are one of the nation’s leaders in the nutraceutical industry when it comes to private label supplements and private label vitamins. Unlike other private label nutraceutical manufacturers that sell pills, tablets or powders, we specialize in manufacturing liquid vitamins and liquid supplements.  By doing so, we are able to our research time and production efforts on manufacturing the best liquid vitamins, supplements and nutraceuticals for you and your clients.  All of our liquidnutraceuticals, vitamins and supplements are manufactured in the USA at our Murrieta, California liquid vitamin and supplement manufacturing plant.  Of course, we have full certification by NSF and are GMP compliant.  In addition, our production facility is FDA inspected and adheres to all FDA guidelines and requirements.  By using state-of-the-art technologies and the highest quality raw ingredients, Matsun Nutrition is able to produce the best private label vitamins and liquid supplements the market has to offer.  Give us a call today or request a Quick Quote.

Top 10 Reasons

  for Private Labeling NUTRACEUTICALS with Matsun Nutrition

  1. Experience and Success:  Matsun Nutrition has over 20 years in the private label liquid nutraceuticals, liquid vitamins and liquid supplements manufacturing business with a proven track record of success.
  2. Industry Leaders:  When it comes to private label nutraceutical, vitamin and liquid supplement manufacturers, nobody does it better than Matsun Nutrition.
  3. Premium Quality Ingredients:  We use only the highest quality raw ingredients in all of our liquid vitamins and supplements.
  4. Certification and Compliance:  We are NSF certified, cGMP compliant, FDA inspected and meet or exceed all government guidelines and regulations.
  5. Super-Low Minimums:  Under our Private Label Program you can buy as few as just 12 bottles to get started.
  6. Free Label Designs:  We provide graphic design services for your labels with all of your orders.
  7. Low Competitive Prices:  Matsun Nutrition offers some of the best nutraceuticals, vitamins and supplements at the best prices available.
  8. Made In The USA:  All of our liquid private label nutraceuticals and private label supplements are manufactured right here in the USA.
  9. Superior Customer Service:  Our fast, efficient and experienced staff is always ready and willing to help.  Join the Matsun Nutrition family today!
  10. Custom Formulations:  We can manufacture just about any private label vitamin or supplement formula you need.  Just send us the specs and we’ll send you a quote!

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Private Label Liquid Nutraceuticals



Here at Matsun Nutrition offers quality private labeling services for all types of liquid nutraceuticals, vitamins and supplements.  We have the unique ability to offer you private labeling of our in-house liquid vitamin and supplement line with your very own branded labels.  This allows you to distinguish your product from others on the market.  The best part is that you can start your own liquid vitamin and supplement product line with as few as just 12 bottles!


In addition to providing private labeling services, Matsun Nutrition specializes in nutraceutical contract manufacturing of liquid vitamins and supplements.  Under our vitamin and supplement contract manufacturing program, we can manufacture just about any type of liquid vitamin or supplement formula that you may need.


Need a custom formulation?  Great, our chemists and technicians can duplicate an existing formula or create an entirely new one from scratch.  In doing so, we will help you create not only the specific formula that you need, but we will guide you along the way so that you can achieve the price point required for your unique supplement product.


Having an in-house research and development team can be crucial in achieving your desired results.  Our team of researchers, chemists and quality control team can provide test batching to enable you to try out different variations of ingredients and supplement flavors to help meet your goals.


Matsun Nutrition is one of the top manufacturers of private label nutraceuticals, liquid vitamins and supplements. Give us a call today to discuss your next private label or contract manufacturing needs!