Private Label Horse Supplements and Liquid Vitamins

Getting Started with Private Label Horse Supplements

Horse vitamin and supplement manufacturers are mainly concentrating on the production of liquid supplements and equine glucosamine for horses because of the special physical needs of these animals. Many of these supplements are distributed and sold under private label horse supplements. Compared to the national brand, private label horse supplements such as liquid equine glucosamine are sold at discounted prices. However, the quality of these supplements is often times much better than the products of national brand companies, just at lower prices. Private label horse supplement manufacturers often focus on high quality ingredients for their supplements in order to compete better against better known brands that do massive advertising. It’s what separates them from their competition, in addition to substantial price savings. Here at Matsun Nutrition we do our best to give you everything you need to get started and to compete in the liquid supplement industry.

Private Label Horse Supplements Vitamins Manufacturer

What Are Private Label Horse Supplements And Vitamins?

Private label supplements and vitamins are manufactured by horse vitamin manufacturers. But, these products, such as liquid supplements, equine glucosamine, etc are marketed under the brand name of a different company. The private label horse vitamin manufacturers are also known as contract manufacturers. Distribution and sale of private label horse supplements and vitamins can provide you myriad benefits. It is the best way to get freedom from production and manufacturing of horse vitamins and supplements. This enables you to have more time to focus on the sales and marketing of your brand of horse supplements and equine glucosamine.

Store brands in food retailers, vitamin stores and department stores are the most common private label supplements and vitamins brands. These products are designed to compete directly with the branded products. The private label supplements and vitamins are the cheaper alternative to costly national brands that have high advertising budgets. In the past, the public used to consider private label supplements as low cost imitations of branded products. Now, private label supplements and vitamins have overcome this previous reputation. In recent years, these products have succeeded to achieve significant growth, especially in nutraceutical private label manufacturing segments such as nutritional supplements, vitamins, antioxidants, sports nutrition, herbs, liquid HCG products, probiotics, amino acids and especially in the realm of pet supplements.

When you market and do your own private labeling for supplements, you can save lots of time, effort and money. Purchasing a private label solution is the best way to offer a custom product to your clients. You have the flexibility to set your own prices for your liquid supplements and determine the best raw ingredients for your customers. You will also get the freedom of offering high quality products at less cost compared to major brands. This can be very helpful in protecting your margins and increasing sales and profit.

Benefits of Liquid Vitamins and Supplements for Horses

The absorption rate of pills and powder supplements is generally very low when compared to liquid supplements. Horses can absorb the supplements more quickly and in a better way when in liquid form. When the supplements are in liquid form, it directly reaches to the large intestine of horses. This enables their body to absorb it very quickly and effectively for better overall benefits.

Equine health is highly important for the long and happy life of horses. The legs of horses are undergoing larger amounts of stress daily. To avoid pain and discomfort, joint supplements are essential for them. Equine joint supplements are helpful for maintaining a healthy and normal joint function of horses. It is also beneficial for competing and hardworking horses.

Horses need supplements and vitamins regularly to maintain a good health. Therefore, it is always profitable to associate with horse vitamin manufacturers. As mentioned earlier, running a private label horse supplements and vitamins brands is also highly profitable.

Benefits Of Private Labeling Horse Supplements And Vitamins

• You can market the supplements and vitamins of a company as yours
• Opportunity to enhance the image of your company very easily
• Possibility to widen your product range
• Compared to developing product from scratch, you can save lots of time, energy and money
• Highest manufacturing standards and unlimited customization options
• You are marketing and selling the products with your name on it. It is helpful for gaining the credibility and loyalty of consumers
• You have the freedom to set the price
• Costs of product is very less but higher margins
• You can sell the final product significantly lower prices compared to national brands
• You can customize the entire production, which include conception, packaging, formulation, delivery, label design

Supplement Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is not required for selling national products because they are sold everywhere. However, the private labeling products are unique and the distribution is controlled by a different company. So, it can cultivate a sense of brand loyalty. Today, consumers consider private label products seriously and they accept these products as the best alternative to national brands.

Low Cost with Higher Profit Margins

Compared to branded products, private label products are generally less expensive. Branded product manufacturers spend lots of money for advertising and marketing and need to maintain higher prices to recoup these costs. So, compared to branded products, private label products are much more affordable for the end consumer. The cost difference of national products and private label products can many times be very substantial, which is why private label companies do so well in the open market. Hence, marketing a private label product can often times be the best way to achieve for sales with higher profits.

Examples of Private Label Horse Supplements and Vitamins

Joint and Hip Care
Just like the other animals, horses are also very active during day time and they use their hips, muscles and joints constantly. They like to run outside every time whenever they get a chance. Horses always like to run and jump, which lead to friction and stress within their bones and joints. Proper joint healthcare is essential to avoid injuries. The body of horses is not manufactured with enough glucosamine. So, they require additional glucosamine to maintain a good health. So, associating with private label horse supplements for marketing equine glucosamine supplement is the best way to make huge profit.

Digestive Health
Horses have a very small stomach, which limits the amount of feed at one time. They are not able to regurgitate food. So, they cannot vomit even if they overeat or consume something poisonous. Horses do not have gall bladders. So, it is very hard for them to digest and utilize high fat diets. The intestine of horses is also very small, so most of the nutrients such as protein and some fat and carbohydrates are digested in their small intestine. Due to the peculiar features of horses, lots of horse vitamin manufacturers produce calcium and phosphorous supplements for providing them strong and healthy hones, smooth muscles, skeleton muscle for locomotion, muscle contraction, temperature regulation, glandular secretion, normal cell membrane function, blood clotting, cellular activity, and regulating activities of many enzymes.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is inevitable for protecting individual cells of horses every day. This is also the #1 antioxidant in the body of horses. It is also the potent anti-inflammatory when it is given in high levels. Horses cannot make vitamin E. This vitamin is essential for maintaining right tissue and blood levels, which is helpful for protecting cells. The nerve tissues of horses also require Vitamin E for proper functioning. When horses engage in moderate to high amounts of physical activities, the vitamin E in the body of horses get deficient quickly. In order to prevent vitamin E deficiency, supplementation is essential. Though fresh grass contains high amounts of vitamin E, horses need to consume grass 12 horses in a day to get enough vitamin E. When the horse eat lots of dirt, consume very less grass, cannot graze correctly or has teeth issue, it will lead to vitamin E deficiency. Vitamin E with a transporting enzyme is present only in Alpha-Tocopherol.