Private Label Vitamins

Private Label Vitamins and the Benefits of Private Labeling

Do you have trouble deciding which liquid vitamin manufacturers are worth stocking? The benefits of private labeling include the fact that you can keep control over the quality of private label vitamins and you can even choose ones that are made in the USA. Just as it sounds, when you choose private label vitamins, you gain the ability to put your own brand name on the supplement. This makes private label liquid vitamins popular with retailers who want a “store brand” version to sell. Matsun Nutrition is here to help you get started on a successful path in the private label supplement business.

Liquid Vitamins vs. Pills, Powders and Tablets

The biggest selling point of liquid vitamins is that vitamins in liquid form are usually easier for the body to absorb than pills and capsules that could linger in your digestive tract for weeks. We’re not kidding. There have been actual x-rays that showed pills that had been swallowed weeks before and they remained intact. When you take a liquid vitamin, your body generally absorbs 80-90% of the useful nutrients, as opposed to 10-20% of the nutrients in a pill. Liquid vitamins are also easier to swallow than pills, which makes the liquid form preferable for people who have trouble swallowing and might not be able to get a pill down. All this makes liquid vitamins the better option and possibly even the only kind of vitamin that you might ever feel comfortable selling to customers.

Private Label Vitamins Manufacturers


Private Label Vitamin Ingredients

When you look for liquid private label vitamins, you should look for a version that contains the stated amount of the ingredients indicated on the bottle label. This is a reputation thing in an environment where dietary supplements are unregulated. Basically, anyone can bring a supplement to market without approval from the FDA as long as it doesn’t contain any controlled substances or ones that might require a prescription and this is one reason that many doctors and nutritionists tend to look edgewise at them. Many people who look for a supplement that works for them may have already tried five or six supplements with no luck and they’re starting to get a little skeptical about whether supplements can actually live up to the marketing hype. This happens because some supplement manufacturers have diluted their products so much that they might not contain any of the active ingredients they claim to have. The wholesalers of private label vitamins should be very clear about what goes into their supplements so that you can pass that information along to your customers.

Benefits of Starting Your Own Private Label Brand

It’s also worth it for you as a retailer to stock quality private label vitamins with your own brand name for them because, if you know where to look, you may be able to find supplements that are higher quality than even some well-known brand names that might not care about how effective those supplements actually are as long as they continue to sell. You keep control, so you can slash through a lot of the marketing hype that often makes promises that most supplements can’t fill in a way that would be helpful to customers. Your customers might even be impressed enough by your honesty and the quality of your liquid supplements to keep coming back and that’s more valuable than simply going purely for the profit margin.

Because you care about the quality of the supplements you stock, make sure that all of the private label supplements you purchase are made in the USA to ensure proper quality control with none of the risks involved in manufacturing them in countries with a poor regulatory system. This helps the economy of the United States of America and lets you rest easy knowing that you’re selling supplements that are less likely to have been tampered with or made with harmful toxins.
When you find a good private label liquid supplement manufacturer, you no longer have to put as much thought into choosing your supplements. You might even be tempted to make the brand name on the liquid supplement the only one you sell so you can keep control of the reputation and the quality of the supplements you sell.