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Private Labeling Supplements, Vitamins And Nutraceuticals

Matsun Nutrition provides manufacturing services for private labeling supplements and liquid vitamins for over 40 stock liquid vitamins and liquid supplement products.  We make it simple in just 3 easy steps.  Just choose which type of liquid supplement or liquid vitamin product you want to private label, have a unique branded label designed, and then place your order!  It’s really that simple to get started with our private label supplement program.  So, when you think of private labeling supplements and liquid vitamins, think of Matsun Nutrition.

Private Labeling Vitamins Supplement Nutraceuticals


ONLY (12) BOTTLE MINIMUM FOR PRIVATE LABELING supplements and vitamins

*Popular contract supplement manufacturing of white label vitamins, private label nutra supplements and private label nutraceuticals offered include: daily liquid multivitamins, dietary weight loss supplements, energy shots, acne skin treatment, antioxidants, liquid prenatal vitamins, vegetarian glucosamine, sleep aid supplements, pets supplements, dog vitamins, glucosamine for dogs, cats and horses, private label skin care and more…

Private Labeling Vitamins

Today, everyone is concerned about getting the proper nutrition and vitamins in their daily diet.  As a result, the vitamin and supplement industry has become big business.  Fortunately, there is an easy way to get started and that is by private labeling vitamins with your own unique branded labels.  By private labeling your vitamin products, especially liquid vitamins, you are able to stand out among the numerous other generic type brands.  In fact, you have created your very own name brand of liquid vitamins, while at the same time benefiting from Matsun Nutrition’s years of experience and quality manufacturing methods and equipment.

Private Labeling Supplements

It seems that private labeling supplements is all the rage these days.  If you watch TV, read the news or surf the internet you’ll see new supplements popping up just about every week.  At first glance you might think that there are hundreds of different companies manufacturing all of these new brands of supplements.  Well, if you look closer, you may find that many of these new start-up supplement companies are getting their newly branded pills, powders and liquid supplements all from just a few large supplement manufacturers.  Why is this?  It’s simple.  They all take advantage of private labeling, and you can too.

Private Labeling Nutraceuticals

Matsun Nutrition has been private labeling nutraceuticals and liquid supplements for many years.  We operate a turnkey production facility that is FDA inspected and GMP compliant, along with NSF certification.  This includes custom liquid supplement manufacturing, labeling, packaging and shipping.  We are your one-stop shop for all liquid vitamins and supplements.  We can even help you come up with an eye catching design to start promoting very own liquid supplement line of products.

Matsun Nutrition has been private labeling supplements and liquid vitamins for years. Custom nutraceuticals manufacturing in USA to meet your requirements.